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I’ve loved baking ever since I was little, when my mum used to let me help her stirring the batter and cracking the eggs into cake mixtures. I always wanted to help her with baking (and of course eating the treats too!) 


I grew up in a family of food lovers. We loved discussing and sharing food and recipes with each other round the table. We were raised eating nutritious wholefoods, with an understanding that food gives us health and can help us to heal. With this in mind, I've developed recipes using the cleanest and healthiest ingredients I can find. I stick to organic foods to avoid putting toxins in my body, and I've carried this value into my business too, so your cake is the highest possible quality.


In 2015 I went vegan and there wasn’t much available in terms of sweet treats, so I began to experiment with vegan baking at home, using recipes I found online. The results weren’t too great at first, but I was just happy to have treats that I could eat!


My dad introduced me to using coconut sugar and coconut oil in my cakes. These ingredients made my baking much healthier and tastier. Finally I could make and enjoy delicious vegan cakes that rivalled the dairy filled ones in my favourite cafes!

In 2021 I started selling my cakes from a pop up cafe in Didsbury, next door to the shop I work in, Artisan Nutrition. I launched my website later that year so I could sell online as well. I've had a great response to my cakes from vegans and non vegans alike. I frequently get the feedback that no one can tell that my cake is vegan. They all are, but I take this as a compliment!

I've baked for people with health conditions who are avoiding numerous foods, welcoming the additional challenges and creating new recipes as I go. Because everyone deserves a treat!

Claire X

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